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Site guide A guide to where the useful info is

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Posted 08 October 2009 - 07:56 PM

Help with doing things on the site

Help topics
How to upload photo's
How to upload pics from a mac
Selecting lots of pics on photobucket
How to embed videos from
Blog help
Linking to reef-face
Site rules

Chemistry Issues
Salt parameters
What to test and when
Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium
A guide to balling

Fish help and selection
Mandarins feeding help
Members fish reviews
Fish that should not be in the average tank
Fish ID section

Fish Health
Whitespot advice
Marine Ich

Fish breeding
Breeding clownfish
Breeding clownfish diary
Raising dotties and neon gobies

Coral help and selection
Members coral reviews
Soft coral ID
LPS coral ID
SPS coral ID
Corals that should not be kept in the average tank

Coral Propagation

How do I frag a........
How to frag zoanthids
Fragging fungia

Invert advice
Cloning bubble tip nems
Anemone FAQ'S
Anemone and clownfish compatibility
Giant clams in the aquarium
Mantis shrimp set up
Inverts that should not be kept in the average reef tank

Equipment Advice

Nitrate reactor setup
Which tank?
Which skimmer?
RO unit setup
A warning about hydrometers
PAR readings for light units

General reef issues

Very Useful Calculators
Setting up a reef tank</div>
Keeping a tank cool
Is it a pistol or mantis shrimp?
How To Deal With High Nitrates
Deep sand beds
Live rock
Hair algae
Cyanobacteria 2
ORP in an introduction
Algae scrubber

[center]Remember if you can't find what you are looking for above you can always try the search function.

Search the site

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